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RAGRANJANI aspires for a cultural development in the society and looks forward to firmly establish all spheres of musical ecstasy under the guidance of some legendary personalities like Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty, Shri Jatileswar Mukherjee, Shri Abhijit Banerjee, Shri Dwijen Mukherjee, Shri Nachiketa Chakraborty. All of these eminent exponents along with other legendary musical personalities have had their gracious participation in numerous creative productions.

RAGRANJANI aspires for a cultural development in the society and looks forward to firmly establish all spheres of musical ecstasy under the guidance of some legendary personalities like Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty, Shri Jatileswar Mukherjee.

Tapan Basu

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We reap the corns of soulful music; but the person who sowed the seeds of Ragranjani, never aspires to come to limelight. He is, Tapan Basu.

A disciple of Dwijen Mukhopadhyay since 1976, Tapan Basu has also received training in Classical Music from Pandit Nihar Ranjan Bandyopadhyay (Bishnupur Gharana) and Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty. Since 1995, he has been in close association with legendary composer Jatileswar Mukhopadhyay. To Basu, Jatileswar Mukhopadhyay was at once, a father figure, a philosopher and composer. Such was the fondness, that Basu had been privileged enough to closely witness the legend create many of his compositions. No wonder, that Ragranjani has released over 250 songs written and composed by Jatileswar Mukhopadhyay. Besides, Ragranjani Music Academy is blessed to have the legend as their mentor during his final days.

Tapan Basu has always been mentioned by his Gurus with fondness. Dwijen Mukhopadhyay believed Basu will be a torchbearer in preserving the beauty and essence of traditional Bengali Music, and above all Indian Music, for generations to come. An admirer of Tagore, Basu organized the first musical event of his life, based on Tagore's work, at the tender age of fourteen at Rabindrasadan under the able guidance of Dwijen Mukhopadhyay. This show and a few others gave him the vision named "Ragranjani". An accredited artist for Kabipakhya(Rabindrasadan) and All India Radio, a banker by profession, the secretary of Uttarayani(till 1995) and a passionate music lover, Tapan Basu realised his vision and founded 'Ragranjani' in 1990. Since then, his creative work has travelled across the globe, been applauded by television media and veterans across the country.

In 2011, he was invited to commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore in a weeklong conference held in New Jersey, USA. Prof. Mohan Singh(Shantiniketan) was the singer for the event and the entire concert was based on Basu's research, script and direction. Apart from this, he has directed several concerts in USA, Canada, Thailand and Bangladesh. As a creative director, he has worked in over 100 television shows, been awarded Telesamman and several other prestigious awards and nominations. Today, his Ragranjani is one of the leading music labels of the country.

Basu believes in bringing out the best in others. Be it a child at the age of four, an young talented singer, or any creative enthusiast, Tapan Basu is a craftsman who grooms, directs and nurtures an individual's talent and showcases it to the world. Ragranjani defines this ideal of Tapan Basu. With the goal to preserve good music and carry forward the legacy of legendary musicians, Ragranjani inculcates the true spirit of music in aspiring musicians. Eventhough Tapan Basu holds the position of Founder and Director of Ragranjani Media and Entertainment, as a person, Basu is a teacher who inspires, a father who cares, a poet who foresees, and a magician who creates miracles with music and imagination.

Music cannot be taught. It is a divine gift that can be nurtured with devotion, dedication and riyaaz(practice)

_Tapan Basu

ragranjani team

Ragranjani's team is no less than a family. Here, age is just a number. Love for music is the backbone of this team. Have a look at what makes our team strong and fantastic:

Our Viewers: Yes. It is you, our audience who give us the courage and enthusiasm to create soulful music. The Ragranjani MusiClub is created with you in mind so that we can connect and share ideas throughout the year!

Our Artists: We reserch, plan, dream and direct. But, it is our artists who realise our dreams on stage and across our records with their performances. Besides, many of our artists have taken the role of faculty member at Ragranjani Academy. For every show, every record, every release, Ragranjani shall be indebted to its artists.

Our Students: From youngsters at the tender age of four to established musicians, this is the strongest team that Ragranjani owns. Over the 30years, they have always been there, adding prestigious feathers to our crown and making us what we are today. Ragranjani Academy is proud of each one of them.

Our Parents: They believe in us. They support us in each step we plan. The parents of our students are our constant patrons and pillars of support. Ragranjani is grateful to each parent for trusting us for the last 30years.

Our Technicians: Every product is a creative amalgamation of singers, musicians, videographers, photographers, editors and several other creative individuals. It is their endless synchronized efforts that stand as an anecdote to Ragranjani's success story.

Our Managers: An institution does not function without logistics. So be it NGO activity, a grand concert, a product launch, recording sessions or regular classes at the academy, it is our managers who connect the dots and make our lives easier.

Every child is a hidden gem. It is our duty to guide them towards the correct path so that the gem shines like a bright star!

_Tapan Basu

The beauty of a song lies in its soul. One who unites one's emotions with the soul of the song, is an Artist. The rest, entertainers!

_Tapan Basu